03 September 2013

sights of progress

Our guest Chihuahua for a few weeks: The Little. 
She's not too sure about the big puppy or the middle puppy, but she does like the back of the couch and the foot of the bed. Also, walks. Lots of walks. She gets carried for the rocky stretches though.

Left, button bush. Right, New Mexican olive.

Two mystery shrubs and a huisache, a barely visible New Mexican olive and even less visible flame acanthus.

Salvia greggii, rosemary, Salvia greggii, more rosemary.

Token bathroom shot for brainstorming. I really need to post 'before' photos of the house.
'After' shots may take a while!

Aaaand the problem bathroom. Surround is pretty much already dismantled. Not pretty.

House number, take one.
(Ingredients: found board - aged roadkill of a plank, several nails removed. Also, found and gifted horse and mule shoes. Gifted red spray paint. New white spray paint. Several new nails. Upturned pots via gifted plants, now in ground.)

House number, take two. (Chairs and table are dumpster rescues and a freecycle find.)

Not sure which I like better. Second version leaves nothing to the imagination!

Many, many more photos of plants yet to come - the only ones still in pots are the pomegranate (no idea where it should go), soapberry (ditto, but it has some time in the pot yet), mystery acanthus, one Salvia greggii, one Arizona ash, and one chokecherry that needs to be relocated.

Things already in the ground:
flame acanthus (2)
Arizona ash (1)
New Mexico olive (2)
Salvia pentstemmenoides (1)
Salvia greggii (1)
canyon senna (1)
scarlet bouvardia (1)
button bush (1)
Salvia regala (2)

Also need to get photos of various modifications around the house - some of our curtains (spider hiders) have been freed from their mop handles and are on REAL curtain rods, most of our wall art is actually properly hung, and so far most* of our plants are still alive. Triumphs, they are many.

Most triumphant moment? Realizing that 'ant traps' on hummingbird feeders can easily translate to an 'ant trap' around a trash can. Not sure how to minimize the space impact of a trash can sitting in a pan of water though... oh well. Redneck engineering at its finest!

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