30 October 2009

"There's A Hair In My Dirt"

Oh, Gary. Yesterday's mail included There's A Hair In My Dirt! A Worm's Story by Gary Larson. It came via Paperbackswap.com, which rocks my little world.

This is an absolute gem that must be read without a beverage, lest it be laughed out the nose. Laughing any beverage out of one's nose can be remarkably painful. Here's the wiki summary:
There's a Hair in My Dirt!: A Worm's Story is a short illustrated story of a worm who feels his life is insignificant. The main plot is told by the young worm's father and follows a beautiful maiden named Harriet, who takes a stroll across a woodland trail encountering different aspects of the natural world. She admires it, but knows little about the land around her, and that eventually leads to her downfall.

...so, yes, go forth and procure a copy to read the best bedtime story ever!

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