31 May 2012

Save the date!

X-posted over at our big bend blog -

Guess two members of this larger team effort....
I'll spot you Kenn Kaufman.

17 May 2012

Oh the shirts you can shirt

Today's adventures in t-shirt demolition: a really ugly tank top from a friend's sister.

Goal: make it not look so ugly... besides, blue and yellow are pretty.

Vision: remove the ugly, but then what? [spoiler: it turns into a halter top]

Step 1: Stare at the fugly tank top. It's already been customized, but not in a flattering way.

Step 2: Run a drawstring through 1/2 of the bottom hem.

Step 3: Fold hideous part of tank top under halter top. Yay, better coverage!

Step 4: Cut excess off of back... try to make awkward arm pit cuts from tank-top work with new design. Semi-successful attempt shown below. Bathroom mirror needs cleaning.

Step 5: Safety pins still in place; will remain there until such time as front panel is either trimmed to match the sort of slope that the back has, or... something.

There's your pit scruff pose of the day, awkward bathroom self portrait and all. At least the pit scruff will grow back and the top will sew itself, right? ....right?

Just like a puppy we know...

14 May 2012

Brewster County food

There's absolutely nothing artistic about the food served at Eve's Garden Bed & Breakfast.

Nope. Nothing at all.

Especially not baked pears. Move along...


Instead of going to my high school graduation, I went to the Rio Grande Valley for a week; instead of going to my own graduation from Sul Ross State University, I slept in, had breakfast with the fam at Eve's (here in Marathon), and then had CowDog for lunch in Alpine. Close enough, right? 

Mmm, a Big Hangover and a Little Hangover. It involves chili and Fritos, don't worry! And if the atmosphere feels a bit like an alley behind a liquor store with a dumpster in the background... that's only partially true. Technically I think it's still parking lot *next* to liquor store... but it's the food and people that make CowDog so fantastic. 

Also, the art...

Dogs (not all toppings listed):
Mexican - bacon, pico
Greek - feta, olives
German - bacon, saurkraut
Street dog - not sure, think it's spicy?
Hangover - chili, fritos
El Pastor - grilled pineapple & purple onions

Specials (ask about availability):
Artisan - fruit chutney, stone-ground mustard
Moofaletta - olive/pimento relish, salami

Tater flop - grilled mashed potato w/toppings

These night photos were taken months ago (and Kody is bundled up), but you get the idea. Alan (Allen?) is a wonderful fellow who graces us with delicious food and a generous spirit and quick laugh. And edible art. There's a reason I've never managed to take a picture of any of the actual food items. They vanish too quickly!

So if you're in the mood for awesome, bring cash. You will not be disappointed.

Edit: here's the CowDog site and menu! Apparently I missed the Wing Dog, the Bad Dog, the Veg-o-matic, and a lovely video: