11 January 2010

Northern Wheatear, Northern Jacana

Northern Wheatear (European vagrant) and Northern Jacana (Mexican vagrant) in Beeville, TX - both in one morning... that's how Matt and I spent Saturday. Of course, it's now Monday and I still haven't eBird-ed the list or written up notes on either. The eBird list is far more likely to happen than notes; I'm a bit more focused on wisdom tooth teething (and extraction scheduling) than the super-documented rarities.

But, since photos aren't even uploaded yet (no, there are none of the Wheatear), I'll leave you with a snazzy link or two.
Arctic bird makes rare appearance
Rare northern wheatear spotted in Bee County

To put this into perspective, there have only been two Norhtern Wheatears ever recorded in Texas. Northern Jacanas are not quite annually reported in the state, but they're similar to the Spindalis; probably nesting around here somewhere, we just haven't found out yet.

Until the "real" post goes up, I wish everyone a less-cold week and may everyone be so fortunate as to try Amish peanut brittle at least once in their lives!


  1. Wow nice birds! You two are the best at getting these weird bird combos, though I guess that is Texas for you!

  2. Vica, I'm not sure we're anywhere near "the best," but it sure is fun to try =) How's birding in your neck of the woods?