19 July 2010

yard confessions

We gave in and bought a hummingbird feeder not too long ago. Four Black-chinned Hummingbirds (2 females, a young male and an adult) keep it pretty well guarded. Yesterday we finally met our landlord who trimmed the front jungle. Weeds were about knee-depth in spots... we liked it, though. Alas, now that the lovely greens have been sent back to the earth, there's a spigot where high veg once grew. So we put a rock under it and it catches the drips - so now we have a cluster of Lesser Goldfinches and a few invasives who come to visit.

New yard bugs, per Matt's notes:
Definite Patch 7/13
Theona Checkerspot 7/13
Bordered Patch 7/18

Here's a Pearl Crescent (Phyciodes tharos) from work:

Yes, it is trying to nectar on my finger - sweat must have delicious salts.

* I hope these videos are working for all of you, I can post photos otherwise, so feel free to leave a note in the comments on whether or not videos or photos are your preference - I know the vids can take a while to load, so I try to keep them short.

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  1. Love the videos and pictures. Keep em coming!