27 February 2011


I'm a bit late in posting this stuff, but better late than never, right? Until our first signs of spring, I busied myself with a few projects that had been festering in the back of my mind. Spoons as a hat rack, for one. And bottle caps as a shoe scraper, for two.

Ingredients for Spoony Hat Rack-Stick:
Four spoons (recycled)
Walking stick (collecting dust in a corner)
Thick wire (recycled)
Thin wire (from a necklace re-stringing project)
Two nails (new)

Apologies for the poor quality photo and strange angle; use your imagination!

...voila, four spoons and a walking stick from Boquillas Mexico (available for purchase at the gift shops in Big Bend National Park) turned into a hat rack. And no spoons were permanently damaged; this entire thing can be disassembled with only loss of wire!

Another lovely project that still needs some hammering: foot-shaped shoe-scraper! Dozens of bottle caps were saved by friends and coworkers, but there still weren't quite enough for the initial design.

Ingredients for Bottle Cap Shoe Scraper:
Tacks (new)
Bottle caps (recycled)
Scrap wood

Not too bad, eh? Puppy helped.

Unfortunately, many bottle caps were injured during the construction of this piece. It's also unlikely that the wood or tacks will recover from the experiment.

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