25 May 2011

Midweek laughs: Donut vs. Rock

Donut is the most well known dog in Marathon, a dear little creature with a heart of gold and a coat of white fluff to hide the ferocious beast within. She's also the owner of a fellow named Tim. The video below is by Noble Baker, who was inspired by Donut's approach to chasing/attacking rocks. Clearly! The video is about three minutes long, so please put down your beverages while Donut shows you how to properly deal with the vicious threat of a large rock:

Happy Wednesday!


  1. What a hilarious video!!! Does she do this with small rocks also?!!!

  2. Not sure, but she's not allowed to attack large rocks for more than a few minutes at a time - it wears her teeth down! Quality entertainment out here in West Texas, no? =)