18 June 2011

Marathon t-shirts?

Howdy, SeeTrail readers! We're not dead, just busy. Before we bounce this off of our Big Bend Birds & Nature readers, we'll run this past y'all...

It is a prototype, but would anyone be interested in purchasing a shirt like the one below? Cost would be around $20 before shipping, sadly. Not sure what the colors will be, nor the full range of styles (tank tops and regular t-shirts should be doable), but the back will have some sort of "Big Bend Birds & Nature" logo/site/promo (bummer, we know). Those of you familiar with our business cards; is the horned lizard photo* too complicated? Should we just stick with text on the back because the image is on the front?

* It's the same horned lizard photo that's on the right sidebar on the Big Bend Birds & Nature homepage, if you'd like to check it out; or just look above this post on the SeeTrail page - RSS people, that means you!

...basically, we'll likely be joining the Marathon Chamber of Commerce (because, y'know, we make no money doing what we do!) and since they have this t-shirt promo thing going on, we could sell them to anyone feeling brave enough to rock a scene where the sun actually sets to the north, the park is not drawn to scale or proportion, and Mexico will likely be omitted from the final version. Fearmongering or somesuch concern.

The shirt actually says "The sun sets on Marathon Texas" above the design and "www.marathontexas.net" on the bottom. Where it says "Mexico" will likely read "Gateway to Big Bend" or something like that. Unfortunately, we have no control over that portion of the design.

So... what do we think? Kinda cool? Lame? Overrated? Interesting? Too obscure for anyone else to appreciate? Leave us a comment!

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