14 May 2012

Brewster County food

There's absolutely nothing artistic about the food served at Eve's Garden Bed & Breakfast.

Nope. Nothing at all.

Especially not baked pears. Move along...


Instead of going to my high school graduation, I went to the Rio Grande Valley for a week; instead of going to my own graduation from Sul Ross State University, I slept in, had breakfast with the fam at Eve's (here in Marathon), and then had CowDog for lunch in Alpine. Close enough, right? 

Mmm, a Big Hangover and a Little Hangover. It involves chili and Fritos, don't worry! And if the atmosphere feels a bit like an alley behind a liquor store with a dumpster in the background... that's only partially true. Technically I think it's still parking lot *next* to liquor store... but it's the food and people that make CowDog so fantastic. 

Also, the art...

Dogs (not all toppings listed):
Mexican - bacon, pico
Greek - feta, olives
German - bacon, saurkraut
Street dog - not sure, think it's spicy?
Hangover - chili, fritos
El Pastor - grilled pineapple & purple onions

Specials (ask about availability):
Artisan - fruit chutney, stone-ground mustard
Moofaletta - olive/pimento relish, salami

Tater flop - grilled mashed potato w/toppings

These night photos were taken months ago (and Kody is bundled up), but you get the idea. Alan (Allen?) is a wonderful fellow who graces us with delicious food and a generous spirit and quick laugh. And edible art. There's a reason I've never managed to take a picture of any of the actual food items. They vanish too quickly!

So if you're in the mood for awesome, bring cash. You will not be disappointed.

Edit: here's the CowDog site and menu! Apparently I missed the Wing Dog, the Bad Dog, the Veg-o-matic, and a lovely video:

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