31 January 2009


This post comes at a rough time for me. Matt and I have been in Houston since Thursday midday, helping Mom shuffle people and paperwork. Dad has been out of the hospital since Thursday evening, but not so much on his own power. It's more like the hospital followed him home. Matt and I have to leave by noonish tomorrow, so Mom will be on her own for at least the next week or two. Sib's update of the day is that Oliver is up to 5 lbs though. *Edit: Oliver is also home now!

Life is generally out there for the seeking.

Right now we are wishing life could be normal enough to venture out for the seekings. Very dear and wonderful friends have been in and out, bringing food, helping shuffle Dad, generally being supportive. It's going to be an interesting road ahead. Ideally we can get a few more people in on occasion so Mom will be able to breathe for a little bit.

For now we are taking time to reflect and be reflected.

Go forth, breathe, relax. Reflect.

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