26 January 2009

typical "things"

"Matt and Heidi Things" seem a bit strange to some people, I suppose. I hope this post sheds some light on what exactly these "Things" are. We are both a bit different than the rest of our families - we both come from non-birding families, but we're catching up nicely.

Matt's photography usually results in stunning butterfly shots.

...the Heidi-side of picture taking often ends up in the mud.

At this point we balance birds and butterflies and other bugs in our piles of interests. Matt is by far a more experienced butterflier, I'm still quite the rookie but far more distracted by snakes than Matt... with our enthusiasm combined, I fear we may never quite be as well house trained as we once were. In terms of clean shoes, I mean.


  1. I love your perspectives, Heidi. And thanks for linking to BCAS. I will reciprocate as soon as I figure out how to do so, hah! May all your paths be filled with birds, butterflies, and discoveries, Lg

  2. Thanks, Laura =) I look forward to sneaking in random promos on occasion ;-)