01 June 2009

so you couldn't make it...

So you couldn't make it to [Abilene/Houston]... well, you're in luck!

The Abilene reception was covered with remarkably little press, but the photos are over at See Trail's Picasa "Abilene Reception" album. Francine, one of our amazing hostesses, came up with a snazzy little idea that is great for reader feedback (if any of you are so inclined!)

The Houston reception was quite well covered, with huge thanks to many attendees who came and took pictures - especially Gavin, my brother-in-law, whose kindness and generosity in being tech support for the photosharing was absolutely essential to surviving the weekend!

There are something like 160 pictures in the album, so the slide show may not be for the slow-loading connections, if that's your case, here's the album link for Kindli's Flickr site.

So here's your chance to be part of the madness (even if you *were* there) - give us advice! Marriage, relationship, cooking, birding, whatever... just use the first letter of each of our names to do so ;-)
M make snow angels together
A always make sure your shoelaces are tied
T take life one day at a time
T take out the trash (we've gotten this one numerous times now)
H hug daily
E enjoy the quiet times
I interpretive dance: do it!
D do not eat fondue in bed
I iguanas do not make good pillows

...so please comment (with a name so we can give you credit!) and we'll fill out our leftover "Advice for Matt and Heidi" forms and we'll add you to the scrapbook!

EDIT: Matt would like to gently remind our dear readers that this *is* a public forum and we would request that all advice be kept tastefully moderated within the family-friendly context of an "R" rating or less. Any such comments should be kept to yourself, respectfully.

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