27 May 2009

weekend adventures

Whew. It's Wednesday morning and I finally made it back into Waco last night. Very wonderful/exciting/tiring weekend behind us... the Houston reception was delicious. Highlights involved meeting my new nephew, Oliver, seeing my grandmother (Oma) while she's in town from Germany, and catching up with oodles of long-lost friends and relatives. Of course, Matt had a slightly more challenging task, since he had to meet his new sister-in-law, his new nephew, all of my mother's relatives and generally stay afloat among friendly people who have known me since I was a diaper-wetter myself.

I shall slack on the gory details as well as photos (again) and instead direct everyone to a lovely video snippet of my mother singing to Oliver in Dutch. And for those who are less video-inclined, Oliver's weekend photo album is quite exciting as well.

Much to do! Oh, and jobs to seek, while I'm at it...


  1. That's Oliver's 4-month photo album, it just happens to be full of weekend photos b/c he's only about a week into month 4.

  2. yep, but it's all that's up for now (and not on fb), so everyone will just have to deal with the cuteness ;-)