07 February 2010

bad photos, good birds

Here's part 2 of South Texas Birding vs. Photography, one photo per species, one-size-fits-all.

In the Rio Grande Valley Classics category, in no particular order:

Clay-colored Thrush
(Zapata - somewhat increasingly common bird in the RGV)

White-collared Seedeater
(Zapata - female; males do not exist)

Gray Hawk
(Santa Ana NWR - a gray cousin of the Red-Shouldered Hawk)

Ringed Kingfisher
(Laredo - the largest North American kingfisher)

Green Kingfisher
(Santa Ana NWR - the smallest North American kingfisher)

Plain Chachalaca
(Bentsen SP/WBC - as featured in the large, brown bird post)

Vermillion Flycatcher
(Santa Ana NWR - the reddest North American kingfisher flycatcher)

In hindsight it looks like the photos went from tolerable quality to, well, that Vermillion probably already used the provided in-flight baggie. Poor thing. It just goes to show you that low-light digi-binocular photos lead to really horrible results.

Until the next post, happy trails!

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