07 February 2010

South Texas Birding vs. Photography

An earlier post promised a Gallery of Worst Photos. I'm especially pleased to announce, in addition to the Best Birds series, we can also now feature Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Classics as well. Sadly missing from the lineup is the adult male Crimson-collared Grosbeak, due to his apparent allergy of cameras (mine, at least). These photos would be sponsored by Minolta and Eagle Optics if they were any better! As it is, they're shown in a smallish format to prevent your eyes from bleeding. No need to thank me ;-)

Without further ado...

In the Best Birds category of Worst Photos Ever:

Honorable Mention -
Rose-throated Becard (Bentsen SP/WBC - a Seetrail nemesis, sporadic RGV visitor)

3rd place -
Northern Wheatear (Beeville, TX - second TX record)

2nd place -
Amazon Kingfisher (Laredo, TX - first US record)

1st place -
Roadside Hawk (Weslaco, TX - frustrating)

(Can you even find the bird in the above photos?)

The down side to all of the rarity chasing (and seeing) is not the obligation to submit documentation, so much as attaching hideous photos to document great species! Mind you, the photos posted are the best of the ones taken!

...next up will be the RGV Classics portion of Worst Photos, followed by the miscellaneous adventures of Trudell & York, Birders At Large.