14 May 2010

Photos from MO

These photos are from the Missouri trip to visit the grandparents, so naturally we have a ratio of 1:20 when it comes to grandparents vs. everything else. Hopefully this will tide y'all over until we return from our next adventure!

First, a quick shot from the road. Matt's truck, Marley "the big red truck," got new tires earlier in the month and we were joking that they must have been special ordered - just like these. They are obviously HUGE.

Our first batch of "vertebrates" somewhere near Stanberry:

On the last leg of our drive from St. Joseph to Albany we passed about a hundred wind turbines (1.5 MW from the looks of it, need to dig a bit and see). Very disheartening. On the bright side, we saw plenty of old windmills and some that were even still working. And then this.

The yellow truck combination is made of epic win - it's an old windmill that Matt's uncle bought. I suppose this is the easiest mode of transport for a fully assembled one, but it must have garnered some strange looks on the road!

The plants were photogenic as ever, and it was our first time to see them not-brown since 2008, because our last trip up was Thanksgiving and everything was gray and dreary. So what did I do? Take pictures of vegetation that was gray and dreary!

[insert witty transition here]

Rascal is Anakin's cousin of sorts - you can see the family resemblance. He's the most mellow Yorkie on the planet, don't let his little Wookie face and Ewok size make you think otherwise. Technically he's the pup of Matt's uncle and his wife. He's also their granddaughter's best friend. So his name becomes "Rashul" often enough.

Ok, now for the REAL family:

Matt, Sargent Major York (Grandpa) and Grandma. It's a wonderful experience to hear about the history of the area, the changes in the community since WWII and get practical advice on surviving 62 years of marriage. One year down, 61 more to go ;-)

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