03 May 2010


A few more glimpses from Friday: the urge to spy, the urge to... have really convincing camouflage, the urge to feed and the urge to make more beetles!

...the ID of the little pinkish and green fellow is pending, no clue about the fellow behind it. I think it's a green beetle with black spots, but didn't even notice it until looking at the photos - it was spying on the photo session with the little pinkish one! Pardon the anthropomorphism.

An unidentified moth that looks like bird poop (it was just a matter of time until another one showed up in this blog!)

These Juniper Hairstreaks have the best of both worlds - flowers, and lots of them. Walking from blossom to blossom on Antelope-Horn Milkweed (Asclepias viridis), these four butterflies are downright pampered. They were also quite complacent when approached, so more photos are likely to follow.

New to our vocabulary, the Net-winged Beetle (Lycus fernandezi). Looks a lot like the Black-and-yellow Lichen Moth from our last post, no?

Nothing like beetle procreation.

And we'll leave you with those signs of spring while we run off to the vast, frozen, north Midwest. Back in a week!

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