13 August 2010

little town of food

A while back I posted about our local-ish adventures in Marathon. Here's a bit more, focusing on food:

Sadly, Shirley's Burnt Biscuit has been closed pretty much since that post - Don, the fellow who used to work for Shirley and bought the place - is having heart surgery in Houston. No idea when it will reopen. I'm acutely aware of the lack of gingerbread oatmeal cookies.

The building that used to be Shirley's is now Guzzi Pizza, and they opened on Aug 2 or 3. Delicious, especially the Spinach Alfredo pizza. Michelle is the brains behind the place (edit: family owned and operated!) and she has even agreed to sell us globs of dough for our own culinary adventures! There's no room to eat there, so it's better to call ahead or have 10-15 mins to kill waiting.

Marathon Coffee (known as "Breakfast & Lunch" to the rest of us) will have live music later in the month, a rare non-breakfast, non-lunch occasion! They're not open Mon/Tues, but at least the rest of the time they seem pretty consistent. Alas, breakfast options are not served for lunch. Very sad. We've compensated by having breakfast burritos at home for lunch.

The Oasis, to our knowledge, has not been open at all since we got here. So there are no local Mexican food options at all! The same can be said for the Gage Hotel's restaurant & bar, due to renovation - they've pretty much been closed since we got here. Rumor has it, they'll be open by September sometime.

The Famous Burro continues to be pretty busy when it is open, but we've not made it back yet due to the timing of our work.

...that said...

We made it to the Saturday night fish fry that benefitted Marathon ISD. You read that right. Marathon ISD. Because a town of fewer than 500 people is its own Independent School District. Ugh. So we ate up, contributed, and scurried off to work before it got too crowded. Darn good catfish and potato salad. Coleslaw wasn't stellar, nor were the cobblers. The hushpuppies and cake made it all worthwhile though.

Now, in my infinite wisdom, I have no photos of foods mentioned, nor the locations. Google Street View might even let you down since so much has changed recently. But you'll just have to settle for your own imagination.

[insert imaginary photo here]


  1. Too bad the Gage Hotel restaurant is closed, that came highly recommended by my buddy in Fort Stockton.

  2. They'll be open again in about a month or so =)