30 October 2010

"I'm not dead!"

Cue Monty Python:

Basically, we're working a lot. And occasionally sneaking a coat of primer after work, but usually the time is spent with our own little R2-D2. Unless we're watching the World Series(!!!)

...the kitchen is in a constant state of drop cloth, disarray and chaos. At least sometimes there's food involved. As for our personal washbot? It lives in our, uh, laundry room. Yeah.

Well, it's not really a 'bot so much as a spinning barrel. My biceps are amazing, by the way. Technically the beast is a Wonderwash and it does pretty well in terms of capacity. Three loads fills up about half of our clothesline (maybe 50' or so?) and I seem to run out of clothespins and hangers before I run out of line.

Overall, aside from gravity and wind being constant battles, the line holds up pretty well. It's the lack of humidity that's so awesome - we can hang things out overnight and (barring abnormal weather) it'll be dry in the morning.

For other adventures, check on our Big Bend blog because it is getting more love than this one is. We knew that would happen, but we didn't think it would be so drastic.

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