17 October 2010

little house

The long-awaited photo upload... our little house 'up the hill' in Marathon:

These are all 'before' photos (other than the painting and the puppy); I'll spare the termite video for now. 'After' photos may take a while, since the moving-in has happened in the middle of the fixing-up. For now let's just say that a bit more than half of the house (inside) has a fresh coat of paint, most of the unfinished wood trim now at least has one coat of varnish, the kitchen now has a stove and other projects are progressing nicely, if slowly.

Most importantly, in all of this painting and varnishing and fixing and otherwise revitalizing... we're back together as a family.

Anakin on his bed - thanks to Aunt Kindli for the old red sleeping bag.

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