15 January 2011

awkward names and spying vultures

You knew the day would come: someone would name a Bald Eagle "wowie-cakes" ...I kid you not. Of course, it was meant to be pronounced wo-whee-jah-kah, but that clearly wasn't going to happen! So it has been renamed Celilo (suh-LEYE'-loh); so it went from being "that which is real" to an "Indian fishing village on the Columbia River that was submerged by the construction of The Dalles Dam." That's an improvement? Wowiecakes works just fine for me.

As for spying vultures, I posted a little something about avian Israeli espionage over at ifoundabandedbird.blogspot.com - and here's the video from it:

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Israeli Vulture Spy
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  1. I like Wowiecakes, pronounced "wowie-cakes" it makes me oddly happy.

  2. Yes. Exactly! I mean, either that or they call the thing Haliaeetus leucocephalus... or "see, kids, this is a Bald Eagle."