18 January 2011

January's Public Service Announcement

Admittedly, this PSA would have been fresh off the press in 2007, but the message is timeless. Similar to our water conservation PSA, it's brilliantly inspirational. Since we no longer live in a place with water in the toilet, our water conservation has been pretty easy; our next goal is to balance out our use of plastic bags (we've got canvas bags and used them obsessively in Waco, but here we get them because they double as trash bags...)

Another version of the song with introduction can be found here.

Those of you not familiar with Tim Minchin may think of him as, perhaps, the Weird Al of Australia, but with his own music and heavy eye makeup most of the time.


  1. Awesome! It is so hard to get used to NOT using the bags that come from most stores, but it is habit we all need to try to break. I drove by the local landfill one day and wsa absolutely stunned at all of the plastic bags that had blown up against the fence surrounding the landfill - it was literally a life altering moment for me!I try not to even get them and if I do, I take them in for recycling. Great PSA!!!

  2. It was easy when I lived in Abilene - the store refunded you 5 cents for every bag you brought (when the clerk remembered). I also had very little trash to throw away. Now that we're in an area that's recycling-challenged, and we have a steady flow of non-recyclables, and our grocery hauls supply the trash bags..... yeah. My canvas bag collection is gathering dust. Hopefully we'll get back in balance again sooner than later!