06 October 2012

DIY and sharebox

At some point before wrapping things up at Sul Ross, I crocheted a string scarf of an amazing dark brown and iridescent, color-changing combination... don't recall the brand, but it was "fiesta" something-or-other as a name/dye batch/stuff. Crocheting with it was so fun that I made two more string-style scarves, but both in a sort of fishnet pattern. And I added some rainbow ribbon to each, to pull out the subtle colors (from a distance you see dark brown and sort of a straw color).

Anyway, I snagged the spouse for a photo of the scarf and DIY wedding skirt as well as 'sharebox' tops. The tank top might have been purchased in 2006 or 2007? The jeans (now skirt) are from the late 90s, the Teva flops are quite recent.

Generally I'm proud of myself for getting out of bed before noon... dressing myself is another challenge entirely. Managing to get out of the house looking like the outfit was mildly intentional? Rock on. Also, since I own roughly zero things that match peach, I ended up with the pairing of pastel plus pastel plus... pastel. Eh. Pockets. That's all I ask in life.

Also, I think the blog needs to be introduced to my lovely cranky-bot. No, not the washing machine, that's already been introduced. The cranky machine that helps me sew. It is a Dutch-purchased Singer sewing machine, hand-cranked (it could have a pedal, if I had the setup for one), purchased on Valentine's Day of 1946, though it's a slightly earlier model. It has been passed down from my great-grandmother and still works like a charm. Because things were actually made to last back then. Sigh!

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