23 February 2009

Dublin Swans, Part II

Matt and I took a lovely Sunday afternoon drive in search of the reportedly absent Dublin Trumpeter Swans.

Species list:
Gadwall (6)
American Wigeon (1)
Northern Shoveler (2)
American Coot (2)

Other mentionables:
Deflated Foil Balloon
Power Line Reflection

Trip highlight:

...the true highlight of the trip was the sheer number of Invisible Swans (Cygnus invisus), though. Matt may have gotten 2 Trumpeter Swans in one picture while I was working and in class on Wednesday morning, but really, I crammed that pic FULL of Invisible Swan goodness. I'm sure the Trumpeters are well on their way to greener pastures (bluer ponds?) and heading back north, from whence they came. Thankfully Dublin's resident invisi-swans will be here next time, just waiting for me to make another Dr Pepper run.

For the juicy details on Dublin Dr Pepper, their site's not thrilling, but the wiki article does a decent job of covering the details. It should be noted, however, that while glass and aluminum Dublin DP is standard, plastic "Dublin" DP can be found sporadically around the state via a Plano distributor. Sneaky!

Back to those swans - no, Matt is not in the dog house. Good thing, because otherwise he and Anakin would have a tight squeeze to contend with! Granted, if Anakin *had* a dog house, it might be tempting... but all is fair in love and birding. It's the work and school that threw off the balance!

1 comment:

  1. Gods, I love her. :-) One day, Our swans will come. Thanks, -h.

    Cygnus invisus dublinii. A relict population of the Central Texas subspecies of the nominate C.i.invisus. A cosmopolitan species. That is, found all over the world.

    So when someone tells you that it is just an empty pond..? In this life, question everything.

    In fact, get up and look out the window right now.