07 February 2009

got relatives?

Family is important, but "starting" our own is not exactly a priority. We have plenty of family, the wee ones just aren't biologically ours. That's what we have a nephew named Oliver for, even if he and my sister and brother-in-law are in California (Oliver's blog is over at Avid Inkling). Otherwise, Matt's folks, sister and brother-in-law live in Waco, TX (a mere 3 hr drive from Abilene). There's even a plethora of relatives scattered along I-35 and NM, CA, OR, LA, etc. My parental units still reside on the south side of Houston where I grew up, just down the street from NASA. Let's not even start on the dearest of family - the fuzzy ones adopted into our lives! "Dogs of Our Lives" is an upcoming post ;-)

Aww, I have parents (pic is circa July '08), and they have a kitty for their otherwise empty nest.

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