17 May 2009

adios, Abilene

In spite of a drizzly Saturday, the evening cleared up a bit and we were able to serve chips outside before the chill pushed us inside for the reception. Luckily I spent most of the downpour in a defensive driving course (for the first time ever, there were two of us just in it for the insurance discount!) and Matt didn't get washed off the roads on his way over.

The evening was a very light-hearted atmosphere of dear friends who have kept me sane (enough) while living, working, volunteering, churching and schooling in Abilene. Several folks still had not met Matt, a few more hadn't quite figured out that I was moving and in general, but for the most part everyone was very understanding that we *got* married and didn't need fluffy/sparkly/poofy madness.

Our triad of hostesses, Shellie, Abbie and Francine, did wonders with the guidelines that I gave them - the menu was to contain no bird, if there were ANY flowers, roots needed to be attached (and dirt, if applicable), and plates/silverware couldn't be disposable. Indeed, the fajita spread of beef, peppers, onions and mushrooms rocked beyond all expectations and the "cake" options were vanilla ice cream in a bucket for the bride - groom's cake ice cream in a bucket for the groom! The marigolds even had roots. Amazing =)

(bucket picture to be added here)

Next post will be back to bug pictures, I promise ;-)

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