06 May 2009

A "Proper" Entry

It occurred to me that unless I updated this blog, the previous post is the first thing that many first-time visitors will see here. I'd hate for any non-biology types to be immediately confronted with images of Exposed Bird Dropping Moths right next to the smiling newlyweds. Invitations for the Houston reception are being e-mailed like crazy (saving trees and keeping paper replies from going to the wrong address). So to save some trouble, here are the links for the Introduction to Matt and Introduction to Heidi posts.

If your browser dislikes our link colors, here's the raw address for each:

To ease your transition into the rest of the blog, here are some typical "Matt and Heidi things" to ponder: we are both avid fans of the Great Outdoors, and as such, we tend to chase birds, butterflies, bugs, reptiles, amphibians, etc. While it may be considered "good, clean fun," it is often good, dirty/muddy fun. But again, the best things in life don't come easy - sometimes you need to flip rocks to find it!

Loitering at the park in Utopia & at the cabin in Concan - photos courtesy of Candy McNamee

I hope that perusing this site will give visitors something of a background on who Matt and I are, how we perceive nature, and our delight in sharing it with others... even if the critters aren't particularly pretty all the time. On that note, I found another awesomely cooperative dropping moth in Somervell Co today ;-)

Thanks for stopping in!

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