17 March 2010

four generations

What do you get when you assemble a 13 month old tot, his parents, his aunt and uncle, his mother's parents and his great-grandmother?

Back row: Matt, Heidi, Irene (Mom), Oma, Kindli and Gavin
Front row: Pete (Dad) and Oliver

O was suitably unimpressed with the clover on the golf course (in the background you can make out the leafless branches of the avocado tree). The floppy hat was a wonderful contrast to his "I AM THE FUTURE" robot shirt.

I'll spare you the full size of these (more clover inspection), let's just say that O took a photo of Aunt H and hilarity ensued.

Monday's departure shows a blushing O because grandma gave him a big kiss... the look on his face is ridiculously cute but a little hard to see. Next post, I promise, will be back to birds and bugs and all things wonderfully wildlifey!

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