01 March 2010

WindowAlert follow-up

If you saw the "handprint rule" at birdsandbuildings.org, or were wondering about the Free WindowAlert post here's a follow-up photo... it does not follow the handprint rule (there are only 4 on this window, which is far less than 1 per square foot).

Shown is the cardinal's window with WindowAlert clings - not enough clings to prevent reflection attacks, nor collisions. Indeed, reflection attacks for this spot are probably best fended off with a sheer fabric on the outside of the window until the cardinal is satisfied that his territory is secure.

The feeder is a great way to slow the speed of collision, but I think an additional 5 evenly spaced clings would ease my mind a bit more.

Note: Hummingbirds will fly through impossibly small areas, so if you have any hummingbird strikes, clings are unlikely to do anything for the problem - CollidEscape is the best bet.

For the not-so-faint-of-heart, below is a flashback to my life in Illinois - nothing is particularly graphic, though there are a lot of dead birds. There are also highly reflective windows, some with WindowAlert clings (none of the windows are adequately covered), some with falcon silhouettes... apologies for the mid-90s digital camera technology used to take the photos! Look out for the comparison between shade screens and mirrored window film:

Contents of the slideshow: sparrows, warblers, hummingbirds, doves, thrushes, buildings, etc.
***Permits were through IDNR/USFWS 2004-2005***

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