17 March 2010

WindowAlert giveaway

There's a pdf brewing from the American Bird Conservancy about birds hitting windows (they already have a great page about building strikes); as soon as it's available, it'll be found in our links section.

EDIT: here's the ABC window pdf!

Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Taylor Co.
(actually roadkill, but I've picked them up at windows in TX and IL)

Otherwise, here's an update on the WindowAlert giveaway:

With our spring WindowAlert giveaway, in just a few days we got over 10,000 requests for free decals from all 50 states, India, Italy, England, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Lithuania, Guam, Puerto Rico, Tasmania (perhaps Marcia's sister!) and most of the Canadian provinces. Many of the requesters included comments to the effect that they were glad to find this offer and the information on our web site because they didn't know what to do to stop birds from hitting their windows.

BTW, our totally free spring WindowAlert giveaway has ended -- these 10,000 requests wiped out our supply of WindowAlerts. However, we have secured additional funding and ordered more WindowAlerts, which are on their way here. Our current giveaway offer is that we will send people a free 4-pack of WindowAlerts if they send us $2.00 for S&H. We also have a deal arranged with WindowAlert.com that if one orders one or more packs of WindowAlerts on WindowAlert.com, they will include a free packet of WindowAlerts, if you mention the code "WIHUMANE."


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