14 March 2011

it's not just me

I've managed to find a fascinating array of window collision references throughout the years; I wish I'd been able to catalog them all for curiosity's sake. One of the most influential mental images was a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon about a White-throated Sparrow that hit a window - pretty sure I've blogged about that before. [Edit: yep.]

My current read, "Our Inner Ape" has gotten as far as page two and there's already a story about Kuni, a bonobo, who tries to help a starling fly away after hitting a window in her zoo enclosure. On the bright side, it's not another story of corvids herding a hapless victim into an architectural corner, nor is it another anecdote about cats waiting under oft-struck windows for something to hit.

Now I should go back to the I found a banded bird blog and catch up on the other book I'm reading - and what it shares about banded birds.

Bonus factoid: you can read the first chapter of "Our Inner Ape" for free on Kindle, or an iPad or iPhone or Android or PC or Mac or Blackberry or Grapefruit or StoneTablet or PapyrusScroll. Or perhaps not the latter three.

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