07 March 2011

Name the Chupacabra

There's a poll at the top of the sidebar now: we're in the process of adopting a 'chupacabra' (Chinese Hairless Crested) from Grand Companions in Fort Davis and she needs a name.

La Llorona was dismissed due to regional folklore and we don't want small children to think that our dog will drown them in the river.

Please vote or leave a comment!


  1. Sweet I was going to suggest Nagual even before I saw that it was an option. I think a mythical aztec/zapotec "were" creature is an awesome name for a chinese crested living in the borderlands!

  2. Mimi's vote: "valentimes"

    Jahzy's vote: "anakin" or "mommy"

    Hope this helps...

  3. That's very helpful! We'll add those to the list and then pick one by playing duck-duck-Christmas =) Shea would have fun helping with that option, too ;-)

  4. Shea might like duck-duck-banana peel.

    Those are very helpful votes. Especially Jahzy's latter choice. ;-)

  5. what about....anifuzzelphaino? I think it fits....me like.

  6. Keep that thing away from me!

  7. Hugh had a dog years ago that he named "dog." Seemed very fitting. Of those on your list I like Fuzzel best. (Fizzel would work too)

  8. Cousin, Anfupha is a bit shorter - you still like?

    Collins, you've been keeping yourself away! Don't use this as an excuse to not visit =P

    Carolyn, I dated a fellow whose dog was named Puppy... (again, with the never growing out of the name, Anakin goes by Puppy an awful lot!)

  9. CHUPIE!

    Say it out loud. Here Chupie, Chupie....
    Cute, isn't it? :-)