08 March 2011

Nauga is home

After much discussion and gnashing of teeth, it was determined that Ani (ah-nee) is too close to Annie (that whiny brat from the Star Wars movies), and Anakin might get confused if other people pronounced Ani with a hard 'a' sound. If we named her 'chinscratch' it would be fitting...

The windblown 'shelter chic' portrait:

We love Fuzzel, we really do. It's just too cutesy and this is a creature of calm demeanor. Phaino also went the way of the "not phonetically significant enough" names - it was too soft and ended in 'no' (and that's not something a dog likes to hear).

Pebbles the little green Jeep is for transporting Anakin, Marley the Big Red Truck is for transporting:

So in spite of ourselves, and reassured by the few votes for Nauga, we brought home a naw-gah creature (formerly Ming) and she was remarkably calm and quiet for the drive home. Once introduced to SuperBouncyBundleOfAnakin, she growled a few times and then they settled in to the routine of not really noticing each other... for now.

...and hopefully we'll have a better photo of the pups later. For now Nauga's bed is tucked safely under a desk where Anakin doesn't go. She really does ball up like a cat for warmth (and digs slightly while turning in circles to get cozy), Anakin isn't nearly so picky!


  1. wow the difference in size is really eh... significant ;) I can be really jeleaous when I see my JR Terrier curl up like that and make a queen size bed out of a small cusion... dog's life huh! Congrats with the new puppy :D

  2. Thanks, Grace! Anakin uses a sleeping bag folded in half as a bed, one of our better investments! The little one is actually on an old towel on a cardboard box... we'll see how long that lasts.

  3. I'm glad that y'all settled on a name! Nauga was my other choice, so I am glad that y'all decided to choose that one. However, I think that you guys decided to use the George W. Bush voting system. :p

  4. Cameron, the voting system was more of an effort to gauge how popular the names were - and then poke holes in each theory until we were left with a relatively happy medium.

    On the bright side, at least we're not politicians ;-)

  5. Cameron.

    No. Paper. Trail.

    That's the key.

  6. WHOO HOO! Nauga! Congrats on the new pup guys.

  7. All right! Congratulations! One more reason for us to get to Marathon!


  8. Vince, be sure to stop in next time y'all make a run to the RGV for BBNP ;-)

    Charmaine, this is very true! I don't think y'all have even met Anakin? So many granddogs that y'all have no ;-)

  9. Y'all stay warm, ye hear?

    Thinking warm thoughts of you, always.
    Irene & Pete