16 April 2009

as promised, post of blatant promotion

Here's a very long link for AlternativeGiftRegistry.org, where Matt and I are registered.

Also as promised, blatant promotion! Apples to Apples (as presented by actor/poet/pseudo-cousin Chad) and a look at Tropical Birding's HQ across from Boyscout Woods at High Island. They've even got dibs on High Island info!

Let's not forget the aforementioned Ike-ing of the Bolivar Peninsula - some of the homes were barely touched (this part of the island lost probably 90% though), and what was once a bait shop is now a tidal extension of the Gulf.

And this post would not be much if I could not promote Yacht Basin Road (#57), - and the idiots who built along either side of the road (yet, we should note that there was less damage to RV hookups than the "real" structures - they can thank dunes and marsh for that, but now the dunes are gone).

*** NOTE ***
If you go to Google Maps and enter "Bauer Rd." for "Gilchrist, TX" and look at the street view, you'll see what I mean. Just pan in a circle and compare the yellow building to the giant puddle (which, admittedly, was more parking lot than bait store). It's a hollow feeling.

Enough of my blathering, go forth and don't build on barrier islands!

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