28 April 2009

Exploring the "Greater Uvalde Area"

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! Today finds me in Waco at the end of a few rainy days - not that I'm complaining - it's wonderful to see that there will be a plethora of plant and bug life to keep the summer nesting successful. That said, you've not heard from us in a while because we've been out chasing the bird and bug life.

Perhaps "Greater Uvalde Area" is a misnomer, as Concan, Utopia, Vanderpool and Kickapoo Cavern State Park are quite a distance from each other. Nonetheless, from Wednesday evening until Sunday morning, Matt and I joined some dear friends in Concan. "The Gansons" generally refers to Collins, Charmaine, Evo (African Grey Parrot), Nova (Red-bellied Parrot), and their relatively new pair of rescue Budgies. For the sake of this post, however, it's just Collins and Charmaine. As such, the Gansons had been in Concan for nearly a week with their friend, Candy, by the time we arrived. The cabin at Neal's Lodges was very comfy, very new, and very echo-y. The bbq came in handy for some amazing steaks that Collins conjured up, and the residual heat from the coals turned into "Burning! ...on a stick!" when Candy and Collins roasted marshmallows. Charmaine and Matt and I took a less charred approach with ours. But I digress.

The porch lights yielded a nice variety of bugs - pictures of those to come. The pre-dawn gas station stop en route to Lost Maples offered the best White-lined Sphinx (Hyles lineata) photographing opportunity that we've had yet, point-blank shots at a lovely critter.

Otherwise, leps found included some new bugs for both of us: Common Streaky-Skipper (Celotes nessus), an Empress Leilia (Asterocampa leilia) - new for me, and a very pale Texas Powdered Skipper (Systasea pulverulenta) that got away before we could get a picture.

Old favorites we stumbled into included Reakirt's Blue (Hemiargus isola) by the dozen and one cooperative Orange Skipperling (Copaeodes aurantiaca).

A few more interesting lep-related pics are on their way. That post, however, will be full of thrilling poo-related adventures. Alas, it's up to your imagination until posted ;-)

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