04 April 2009

let them eat cake

Attwater's Prairie Chicken (Tympanuchus cupido attwateri)

In the time-honored tradition of spring, love is in the air. You knew that already. You perhaps have already seen pairs of damselflies for the last month, ovipositing in puddles. If you're among a small and obscure club of enthusiasts, you've seen Attwater's Prairie Chickens booming. Maybe you've even noted pairs of frisky duskywings at the local park. Perhaps you've even stepped on them without noticing. Either way, Matt and I had been scheming up a remarkably cliché "June wedding."

But wait! That would require shuffling of legal documents in counties far removed from our usual haunts. In fact, that would even be after the weekend when my sister & brother-in-law and nephew (who now weighs 9+ lbs!) will be in from California. To make matters more complicated, we're not even sure if my grandmother from Germany (or now wheelchair bound father) would be able to make the trek out to the initially intended location. Egad.

So on Friday, March 27, 2009 Matt and I got married. No worries about including the families; Matt's father is a reverend, his mother is awesome with a camera, his sister provided moral support and held my cell phone so my mother could listen in on speaker phone.

Receptions will proceed somewhat as anticipated. If any of our beloved readers (what, all three of you?) will be in the Houston, Abilene or Waco areas between now and the end of June, drop us a comment or e-mail about dates, a few details are still TBA.

Back to the reminiscing about spring. Yesterday at Mother Neff State Park, Matt and I overheard at least two Golden-cheeked Warblers in some deliciously appropriate habitat of mixed oaks and ashe juniper. We proceeded to trek around the upper elevations of the park and located a snacky Orange Sulphur. Literally, being snacked upon.

So while odonates may prefer to dine on lepidoptera, Matt and I were wed with tasty morsels of bread pudding from our beloved Buzzard Billy's.

Plains Clubtail (Gomphus exturnus) w/Orange Sulphur (Colias eurytheme)

Video of snacky dragonfly soon to follow!

*Edit: video I captured of clubtail devouring Orange Sulphur is long, and thus a huge file that has taken forever to attempt attaching the file. Will try again in the future.-matt*