28 July 2009

Multi-Spindalis day

I started the morning with a Common Mynah (not a life bird for Matt), followed it up with a lovely adult male Western Spindalis* who, in turn, was following a lovely female-ish Western Spindalis, and after running away from mosquitoes for a while, Matt found his life White-crowned Pigeon on the drive out. In spite of ourselves, we managed to milk Everglades National Park for all it was worth - Zebra Heliconian (butterflies) and one very much deceased Faithful Beauty (diurnal moth). The odonates were very snacky.

Oh, and I saw a millipede. And stuff.

##With a GINORMOUS Eastern Lubber Grasshopper. On my face. Well, hat. But you get the idea.

And a radio-tagged Bald Eagle with a transmitter backpack was loitering in a fallow field with a buddy, a few Cattle Egrets, a pair of Black-necked Stilts, a bunch of Laughing Gulls and Great-tailed Grackles, and we were just down the road from "Robert Is Here" - a local fruit stand of awesome (we hope to investigate it tomorrow).

EDIT: the radio-tagged Bald Eagle now has a post

* Western Spindalis, formerly and casually or otherwise sometimes called Stripe-headed Tanager... it's pretty much not supposed to be in North America, but one or two get reported every year in FL, it seems. It's a Caribbean/West Indies sort of critter and we were really not expecting it (not even on the list of hopeful vagrants).

## Edit from Matt:
Pics of the Eastern Lubber Grasshopper (Romalea guttatus or R. microptera) and the lovely -h:

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