20 July 2009


Matt and I are quite honored to have such a talented nephew. Talented? O-yes. Oliver has quite a dominating presence on a Youtube channel, and he has started the occasional guest-blogs over at Avid Inkling.

The above is from an Avid Inkling post.

The snippet below is from our first video chat. I'm telling you, the kid is part of that internet generation...

Yeah, he's staring at the dark blur of his Uncle Matt and the very startled eyes of his Aunt Heidi. And the internet will never be quite the same again.


  1. O-baby very much enjoyed chatting with you earlier (and pounding on my keyboard). Hope do to it again soon!

  2. It was certainly our pleasure as well =) Janna and Terry rather enjoy having vicarious grandkids, and Matt and I are gradually easing our brains into Tio/Tia mindset - it's good training for eventual loiterings with Oliver!