02 July 2009

Shhh. Some are still nesting...

My agenda this morning in part directed me to check on a Black-capped Vireo (Vireo atricapella) nest. A nest that, last visited, was "active" but unfortunately parasitised by a Brown-headed Cowbird (Molotrhus ater).
At that time 1 large cowbird egg, 2 vireo eggs. While the adults were around at that time; behavior-wise, they were not actively in an egg-laying or incubation stage with the nest. The end of egg-laying at best. Didn't look good.


Nest failed.

BUT within the territory I found another nest attempt. This pic is grainy b/c I was well enough away from it, with digital zoom, and I cropped it.
**This nest WAS NOT imprinted upon by yours truly. Ehem.** Do be careful when you have a shiny new camera and have dubbed thyself a shiny new "nature photographer". Have an idea before you poke and prod. If you don't, then don't. Your subject matter, your friendly biologist, your deity should you have one, your neighbor, common sense, and even the law thank you.

And..... YES, this is the adult male on the nest. (Fellas, you help make the egg, you can help hatch the egg)
He was on for ~10 minutes before the female came back. She was on for over 30 minutes before I left her and the area.
Nest stage = INCUBATING

The sound of Brown-headed Cowbirds were in the air...

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