27 July 2009

Snail Kites, more Limpkins

We rocked the Snail Kites at an obscure place near Ft. Meyers called "Harnes Marsh" - it may be the middle of a subdivision some day, but for now it's jaw-droppingly Snail Kitey. Also had quite a few more Limpkins at the same spot, with Neon Skimmers, Roseate Skimmers, Shadow Dragons and some other funky odonates still to be identified.

Somewhere in the vicinity of "the middle of nowhere" we heard Black-whiskered Vireo, saw Red-eyed Vireo and were descended upon by a rolling mass of "mo-skee-toes" (as opposed to our lunch with "poe-tay-toe" sides).

We're in Florida City for the night, aiming for more of the Everglades tomorrow, and hoping to get another glimpse of the sneaky Common Mynah that avoided our Denny's run this evening.

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