10 April 2010

Final Four; bluebonnets

Matt's post, "a few bugs of the Final Four" offered photos of dancing Bordered Patches and Vesta/Graphic Crescents. No bluebonnets? Well, here they are!

Voila, the seasonal photo of bluebonnet goodness! Our visit to Warbler Woods was punctuated with scattered meadows crammed full of bluebonnets. They're quite a nice pick for the state flower of Texas since they have a lovely, full cluster of blossoms. Even their aroma is etched into my brain as a "happy smell" (right up there with gardenias and mimosa trees).

More love for the bluebonnets. Any guesses on the spider ID? While we're guessing ID, the flowers below could also use the help. It was all I could do to resist crawling through each patch of flowers and trying to get every different kind; we would have been there forever and barely covered any ground!

As usual, there was plenty of scat to be seen. Yet in all of the central-Texas scat-poking, the cluster of sow bugs/pill bugs was something I hadn't seen before. It was reminiscent of the dung beetle party witnessed last summer, with sow bugs replacing dung beetles. Whatever had been eaten to produce the scat was furry but without any bones visible to ID it, and not wanting to crash the party, we left the turds undisturbed.

That sounded awkward... have a flower?

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