07 April 2010

Final Four, the preparation

About that Final Four... I married into a very Beary Baylor family and wouldn't you know, my Jeep had some adjusting to do as well. Oh yes.

I must have felt bad about not making the Houston game (was under the weather anyway) to support the men while they were clobbered by Duke. Matt was able to go with his father and brother-in-law, at least. In addition to wanting to support the women, Coach Mulkey told everyone to be there and we certainly couldn't decline. So, San Antonio it was!

Here's the view from our corner room at the Emily Morgan Hotel: can you guess the Baylor fan?

...when we continue with our next Final Four post, there will be obligatory Alamo photos of the happy couple. And photos from the game. And probably some fuzzy evidence that my camera has some handy night settings.

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