09 April 2010

San Antonio nightlife

Post-game adventures involved walking from the stadium back to the hotel, with a slight detour to breathe the quiet moments that the Alamo doesn't often have.

It's really quite a lovely structure, sadly surrounded by urban madness these days. The couple next to the flagpole were so photogenic - since it was Easter Sunday, a few folks were still milling around in their church garb, this family being among the last of the evening crowd.

Our hotel, Emily Morgan was across the street on the NW side of the mission; you can see the top corner in the photo below. It looked remarkably vacant from the outside, day as well as night.

These photos give you an idea of what my camera was up against. I'm certainly not fluent in nocturnal photography, nor playing with the timer on the camera... but the results were still pretty cool. Our Baylor shirts outshined the Alamo because we were just at the edge of the street light's path!

If you feel brave, here are a few more artistic attempts:

These last few posts have probably contained the most of "Matt and Heidi" that you'll ever see. The next few posts may contain a few more token photos to appease the relatives who say we post more creepy-crawlies than cute-fuzzies, but it's quite debatable whether or not we count as cute-fuzzies! (Collins, the Bluebonnet photo will be up soon; it counts!)

The above angle cracked me up; Monday morning as we headed out, our line of sight just happened to involve the Crockett Hotel sign appearing just above the Alamo. Sneaky!

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