08 April 2010

Final Four

Since we were very conveniently located in downtown San Antonio, Matt and I did the obligatory tour d' River Walk: we paused in front of the Alamo for our standard tourist shot. I hadn't seen the Alamo since a class field trip in 4th grade; it looked the same, surrounded by too much civilization. After scooting through the Marriott shops to get to the crowds of UCONN fans, we gawked at Cave Swallows nesting under bridges and a Yellow-crowned Night Heron selecting twigs for its nest. Classic River Walk experience, no?

Here are the photos that everyone* has been waiting for; the stadium and our view from within said stadium. Not sure if they're still calling it the Alamodome, but at least it doesn't sound as random as Minute Maid Park!
* everyone = people who know I'm the least sports-oriented person ever

And here's a lovely shot of the loudest Baylor fans in the entire stadium:

Thankfully, on our way down to San Antonio, we had stopped at Oma's Haus in New Braunfels for lunch and ended up taking a "fudge strudel" - good thing. After the 70:50 game, we needed a consolation snack! Sorry, no photos of that delicious piece of heaven-in-a-pastry.

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