22 June 2010

back when Lajitas was Lajitas

Alternate post title: la cabra que se encanta cervezas.

Lajitas used to be a dusty little town near Terlingua. Now it's a strange little golf resort that somehow has more water use priority than some farmers down river. That discussion is for another day. You may guess where my loyalty lies.

This fancy local map shows the area pretty nicely - it's up on the wall at the trading post.

The Honorable Clay Henry, Mayor of Lajitas, Texas.

To my understanding, an out-of-towner had been voted mayor and there was quite a bit of dissent over that. Enter Clay Henry, the goat whose beer of preference was Lone Star - apparently he wouldn't drink any other brand.

The trading post has quite a bit of memorabilia, and serves as the final resting place (if you can call it that) for the mayor.

My feeble tribute doesn't quite do this legend justice - but check out this page, and this NY Times story.

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