28 June 2010

Bird-Safe Buildings & bis spaeter

I've just added a fantastic link to our "the links we can link" section of the sidebar - Bird-Safe Buildings by Project BirdSafe of MN Audubon.

There's a pdf on the site that is absolutely fantastic and I'd love to see it incorporated in references for architecture, urban planning, landscape design, biology, etc. It is relevant to all of the above. Maybe even astronomy, due to the light pollution factors!

To download the pdf, click here. It's the best 3.7 MB you'll download this year.

As for the 'bis spaeter' portion of the title - on Friday, we are heading out towards Fort Stockton, where we'll be for the next three months. Here's a little snippet of what we'll be involved in - Aplomado Falcon Update via The Peregrine Fund. Hopefully we'll be able to update the blog on occasion, but if not, the abundance of posts this month will hopefully make up for it!

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