18 June 2010

after the storm

The motel in Study Butte had Cactus Wrens singing on territory, desert cottontail bunnies all over the place, plenty of Western Kingbirds, ravens and other creatures around...

Easter Egg Valley/Chisos Mining Co. Motel - fuzzy proof that Chair feels just as comfortable in the country as in the city. For other adventures with Chair, check out LovelyListing.com. It's a blog beyond words.

Our night baiting left only one tiny moth. Our afternoon attempts were foiled because the bait was left outside the room and cleared away before we got back. Heh, I'd hate to think what they thought it was. [see our bait post]

"Squail" = Scaled Quail (Callipepla squamata), a common sight/sound.

As best I can tell, this sad little squished friend is a Ten-lined June Beetle (Species decemlineata) of some sort - a remarkably huge bug. I'd love to work with a live one, since the flatness is a bit deceiving.

Also from the front porch, not only a foraging Cactus Wren, a Greater Roadrunner being followed by a very uncoordinated fledgling! The adult mostly ignored us and poked around for bugs, the young stayed a few feet behind, constantly making beggy noises while quivering the wings while hunched down. The adult at one point turned to face it and made a rattling beak clack that was reminiscent of wooden noise making toy. This parade of life along the porch came within 5 feet of us! And of course, my camera was inside the room at the time. Ah, life.

For a photo of a stumpy young roadrunner, check out this sad post over at The Fat Finch.

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