21 June 2010

modern Terlingua

Out by the highway there's an odd combination of RV plus... whatever this collection of strange things is.

From L to R: covered RV, Lady Liberty, a tallship, some sort of submarine mock-up? There's other stuff tucked away back there, not really sure we want to know what all there is!

Up in what's now the hub of Terlingua:

Bathrooms, pleasantly housed in original buildings, but rather dark inside. Running water and ornate tiles were pretty neat for such rustic outside appearances.

The old Starlight Theater, now a restaurant and bar featuring live music on most nights. The music is generally one fellow with a guitar and a pile of songs up his sleeve. Also a pile of CDs if you're interested.

The back of the theater has a large mural; mood lighting is strings of Christmas lights.

The back door was propped open for ventilation.

Did we mention a fellow with a guitar? And that the old theater walls have a lot of character? It's really quite lovely to see the layers of history.

My bowl of chili was delicious. The balance of spice and heat was perfect, medium and flavorful. I wish I'd taken a photo of our table before the food came - each of the tables was painted by a local artist and then varnished. Our particular table was pale yellow with long, outward stretching ocotillo branches from the center of the table... and koi swimming around their shadows. It was a fantastic combination of bright desert colors being shown as aquatic vegetation. My inner art student was thrilled!


  1. Sorry if this is a duplicate post. I just noted a submarine surfacing in the first photograph in this segment. Talk about taking a wrong turn!

    I enjoy your site.