03 June 2010

behind the Black-whiskered Vireo

In the summer of 2009, Matt and I witnessed a very active Black-whiskered Vireo rummaging around the treetops of Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park. Whew. What a name! Anyway, the bird and its unbanded companion were the highlight of our time on Key Largo - so naturally we reported the banded bird and waited. And waited. And finally this spring we were prompted by the Bananaquit bander (see previous post) to re-send the information.

Hi Ms. Trudell,

Thanks for getting in touch with the Bird Banding Lab to report that you saw my bird! I've sent them a bit of information regarding when and where it was banded, so I think you should be getting a certificate of appreciation from them. I banded that guy (and yes, it is a male) on July 5th of last year, at Dagny Johnson. I'm happy that you saw him! Unless I'm mistaken, it was towards the end of last July that you spotted him?

As I said, you should be hearing from the Bird Banding Lab - but I'm more than happy to tell you a bit about my research and why I was banding Black-whiskered Vireos, if you'd like to know.

Thanks again for reporting your sighting!

Catherine Dale

Catherine Dale
PhD Candidate
Department of Biology
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario

So when we saw the bird on July 29, he had only been wearing those bands for 24 days! Right leg color bands were green over pink, left leg was [some color we couldn't make out] over silver. Since the e-mail confirms that he was actually banded where we spotted him, it's neat to see that he hung around even after being accosted and color marked.

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