15 June 2010

down from the mountains, into the cactus

Since I managed to get the two previous posts up without these two photos; these are from the Davis Mountains - a Drusius Cloudywing (Thorybes drusius) and your intrepid explorers.

Alas, there's a bit of blur due to digi-bin tactics; it was not cooperative though, so blurry is far better than nothing at all!

After we made our way out of the mountains, we headed to the Sul Ross campus to look at all of the cacti in bloom. Collectively, I think succulents are among my favorite plant/flower beings. There is a bit of personality to each plant, yes, but there's something about them that speaks louder than their spines (in the case of cacti, anyway).

Yucca (also called Spanish Dagger) has been a friend of mine since I discovered that the flower petals taste like cabbage. Ocotillo is still a fairly new acquaintance - its wispy frame is generally no so full of bright leaves and blossoms; like many desert plants, it puts on a show after rain but will drop leaves to conserve moisture later in the dry season.

Cholla (L) is known for being vicious. As with everything else, don't get near it unless you're fully prepared to deal with the consequences. Prickly Pear (R and below) are more mild tempered, if we dare to suggest it.

Lovely cacti, are they not?

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